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Check out Enmore Automotive, part of Enmore lnfotech! We offer expert consulting and exhibition services, with teams in Shanghai, Yantai, and Jinan. Our mission is to combine high-quality services with cutting-edge technology, creating a platform for exchange and cooperation in various fields. We're dedicated to promoting the industrialization of the Electric Vehicle industry, Intelligent Connected Vehicle, and shared segments of the automotive industry.


Meet Us at the Enmore Automotive Conference & Trade Show EAC 2023,  5th-7th June,2023, Suzhou, China!EAC 2023 is a top-tier platform of global perspective, applicable technology and commercial value, focusing on the industrial variables brought by new energy and intelligent technologies including but not limited to New Energy Vehicle Thermal Management, Power Battery, Interior Cockpit, Radar, Vision, LiDAR, IMS, NVH, Acoustics, HUD, Automotive Safety, Intelligent Connectivity. 

With more than 5000 delegates (purchasing and R&D specialists included) in various departments of the OEMs, with the help of associations and other industry partners,  EAC2023 Tradeshow also features special lectures that are tailored to meet the market's needs. Speakers include experts, executives and researchers from leading companies and scientific research institutions. 100+ Pre-scheduled 1-1 Meetings for both parties to converge, discuss, debate and share insights of supply and demand dynamics face to face, allowing you to brainstorm with industry-leading technology experts. The excellent enterprise awards focusing on automotive modeling design, forward-looking technologies, solutions and testing. This much experience, knowledge and expertise is not available in this form anywhere else.


EAC 2023 has strong overseas and domestic media resources to continuously report the news of participating enterprises, gather professional industry chain enterprises to participate in helping your brand spread globally and improve brand influence, Join Us Now! Discussing about the global forward-looking technologies and successful business cases with a group of tech experts, you will see what’s new and future generation in the automotive industry。

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Address: Enmore Building, Building C, No. 999, Jinzhong Road, Changning District, Shanghai,China

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Email: info@eac-ienmore.com

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