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Hall D3

Hall D3

Hall Grand

96㎡super-large space, occupying the center of the exhibition, creating a unique booth and becoming a bright star. offer is subject to availability

The Grand Hall specially built by the Organizing Committee is a small cluster formed by the booths of leading products and comprehensive application enterprises in the industry, which will focus on presenting products and brand enterprises representing cutting-edge direction and innovation. Whether it is a leading enterprise or a cutting-edge brand, it will get more innovative display forms, more accurate brand promotion and wider exposure opportunities! 


Hall E3/F3

Hall E3/F3

Vision &Imaging & LiDAR & Optical Communications & Packaging Exhibition Area

LiDAR: laser, detector, scanning components, precision optical components, silicon optical devices, automated production line, intelligent manufacturing, test instruments, bonding & thermal conductivity materials, packaging

Vision Camera: camera module, lens group, image sensor, automated produc-tion line, optical devices, testing, optical calibration, materials

Millimeter-Wave Radar: 4D radar, chip, high frequency materials and PCB, 3D waveguide antenna, simulator, automatic production line, RF device, wave trans-mittance absorbing material

Head-up Display (HUD): AR-HUD, optical waveguide, PGU, freeform mirror opti-cal software, precision optical components, automated production line and test

In-Cabin Monitoring System: IMS, DMS, OMS, FaceID, 3D-TOF, computer vision, software algorithm

Camera Monitoring System (CMS): CMS system, camera, lens, image sensor, ISP, display screen, controller, test equipment

Automotive Intelligent Lighting: light source, styling design, PGU, lighting system and sensor integration

Automotive Fiber Optic Communication: optical chip, optical device (active and passive), optical module, optical connector, optical coupler, optical fiber cable, optical crystal, optical filter, optical component (ceramic sleeve, ceramic insert, optical fiber adapter), communication test solution

Hall E3/F3

Intelligent Cockpit: on-board display, cover plate, fit, light source, domain control algorithm module, chip, on-board sound system, MAC Wind, horn, audio system, vehicle solution, intelligent surface, surface decoration (real wood, real aluminum, IML, IMD, IME, spray painting, laser engraving, wire drawing, etc.), intelligent cabin solutions, intelligent technology/glass, intelligent diaphragm, transparent fabric/leather, electrochromic/photochromic, temperature change, electroluminescence, dimming, spectral electronic control, lamp belt, nano-silver, metal luminescence, metal touch, simulation design, CMF color solutions, car fragrance, car refrigerator, production line equipment, testing equipment, etc

Automotive Audio: software algorithm, power amplifier, speaker horn, chip, microphone, material, test and equipment

Hall C3

Hall C3

New Energy & Thermal Management Exhibition Area

New Energy & Energy Storage Thermal Management (Vehicle Energy Management, Energy Storage Temperature Control, Air Conditioning System, Heat Pump System): integrated mod-ules, compressors (bearings, valve plates, seals), electronic control modules, sensors, PTC, valves (thermal expansion valves, electronic expansion valves, electromagnetic valves, multi-way water valves, etc.), pumps (electronic water pumps, electronic oil pumps, etc.), heat exchangers, front-end mod-ules, water reservoirs, PCB, air conditioning boxes, liquid cool-ing plates, cooling fans, lubricants, pipeline systems, thermal shielding materials, automation production lines, etc.

Power Battery Technology & Thermal Safety Management: cell module PACK, components (sensors, battery cold plates, etc.), battery materials (insulation materials, adhesives, flame-retardant polymer materials and composite materials, seal materials), battery equipment (assembly, dispensing, packaging, testing), third-party (simulation, engineering services, solutions, etc.)

Powertrain&Chassis Exhibition Area

Powertrain (Motor Assembly, Flat Wire Motor, Stator Rotor Assembly, Core, Electronic Control Assembly): IGBT, SiC, power devices, sensors, OBC/DC-DC connectors, fuses, relays, thin-film capacitors, drive system oil, wiring harnesses, elec-tromagnetic wires, insulation materials, magnetic materials, raw materials, third-party testing, simulation software, auto-mation lines, etc.

New Energy Vehicle NVH: NVH, ANC, AVAS, sound insulation materials, simulation software, testing equipment

Chassis-by-Wire: brake systems, suspension systems, steer-ing systems, chassis domain, skateboard chassis, pressure displacement sensors, testing equipment, automation lines, motors, ball screws, etc.

Hall E3

Hall E3

Interior & Exterior Exhibition Area

Interior and Exterior: car films, car covers, car paint, sealing materials, adhe-sives, hot melt adhesives, door systems, body parts, sunroof systems, air intake grilles, intelligent digital headlights, interior surface materials (silicone, PU, PVC, microfiber, fabric, genuine leather, TPO, TPU, TPE, etc.), foam materials, sound insulation materials, headliners, carpets, seats, headrests, sliders, angle adjust-ers, seat ventilation and heating systems, massage systems, steering wheels, airbags, seat belts, switches, raw materials and additives, biodegradable/recycla-ble materials, sewing-cutting-perforating equipment, production line equipment, injection-molded/sugar-plastic parts, door panels, dashboards, testing and certi-fication, testing systems, high-speed cameras, wiring harness connectors, dispensers, etc.

Automotive Safety System: pedestrian and occupant protection system (seat belt, airbag, steering wheel, etc.), active and passive integration solution, soft-ware simulation and testing, materials and equipment

Hall F3

Hall F3

Radar&lnertial Navigation &High-precision Positioning

Millimeter-Wave Radar: 4D radar, chip, high frequency materials and PCB, 3D waveguide antenna, simulator, automatic production line, RF device, wave trans-mittance absorbing material

lnertial Navigation &High Precision Positioning: GNSS, IMU, INS, combined positioning, baseband chip. radio frequency chip