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Thanks for your attention to EAC 2024 & Trade Show. Since 2004, Enmore Automotive has been committed to creating a top-tier platform of global perspective, applicable Technology and Commercial Value, focusing on the industrial variables brought by new energy and intelligent technologies including but not limited to New Energy Vehicle Thermal Management, Power Battery, Interior Cockpit, Radar, Vision, LiDAR, IMS, NVH, Acoustics, HUD, Automotive Safety, Intelligent Connectivity. Through EAC 2024 trade shows, visits, online and on-site professional salons and other forms, professional and customized services will be provided for upstream and downstream enterprises of the automotive industry domestic and overseas in order to promote the display and implementation of forward-looking technologies, and help optimize the global automotive supply chain.


The start of Enmore Automotive is to make it easier to communicate and transact for the automotive industry. Through EAC 2024 & Trade Show, where global forward-looking technologies and successful business cases will be showcased, you can see what’s new and future genaration in the automotive industry. Join Us Now! Let's get together a group of tech experts to discuss forward-looking technologies in EAC 2024 & Trade Show!

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