EAC-New Energy & Autonomous Vehicle Tradeshow


EAC New Energy & Autonomous Vehicle Tradeshow 2023        

One-stop Sourcing Fair with 2000+ Manufacturers   

Date:  5th-7th June,2023 

Venue: Suzhou International Expo Center, Jiangsu Province, China


Private session for C-level management without medias,strictly limit the number of attendees and discussing sensitive and practical topics

Closed-door workshop

Help you to have more in-depth communication with other delegates in the small range of salons.

100+ Pre- Scheduled 1-1 Meetings

A strategic platform for both parties to converge, discuss,debate and share insights of supply and demand dynamicsiace to face, allowing you to brainstorm with industry-leadingtechnology experts.


The excellent enterprise awards focusing on automotive modeling desgin, forward-looking technologies, solutions and testing.

Road Show

The exhibition area provides the new product release conference, which can be launched, explained, released, signed and other forms in the new product release venue.

Coffee Break, Luncheon, Dinner Party

Traditional but effcient session for networking,sharing ideas while having delicious food and beverage.

Conference Highlights

What Is Unique About The EAC 2023 Trade Show?

Event & Presentation Sponsorship

Customized Sponsorship

Dazzling Brand Publicity Forms (Outdoor)

Dazzling Brand Publicity Forms (Indoor)

Single Sponsor Package

Special Booth

CNY 160,000/48m2 · 9,0000/24m2 · 4,5000/12m2

  1. Special Booth (Raw Space: 3m X 4m)
  2. Logo Exposure on the conference materials
  3. Colored AD (1 Page)
  4. 5 delegate passes

Booth Sponsor

CNY 30,000/9m2 · 20,000/6m2

  1. Standard Booth (3mx3m/3mx2m)
  2. Logo Exposure on the conference materials
  3. Colored AD (1 Page)
  4. 3 delegate passes

VIP Gala Dinner Sponsor

CNY 200,000

  1. Gala Dinner sponsored
  2. Company intro, video or PPT display during the dinner
  3. Right to invite guests to the main table
  4. Post-conference Media Release

Presentation Sponsor

CNY 60,000/Main Forum · 30,000/Forum

  1. Keynote speech (30mins)
  2. Logo Exposure on the conference materials
  3. Post-conference Media Release

Cooperation Forum(Exhibition Area)

CNY 100,000

  1. Designated half-day forume 
  2. exclusive brand title exposed
  3. Logo exposure on the conference materials
  4. Post-conference Media Release

New Product Release

CNY 30,000

  1. New products can be disclosed, explained, published, signed, and other forms of release in the new product release venue

Cover Sponsor

CNY 100,000

  1. A4 cover of conferenceook (designed by sponsor)
  2. Logo exposure on the conference materials
  3. Post-conference Media Release

Lanyard Sponsor

CNY 100,000

  1. Sponsor logo exposure on the delegate lanyard (Conference badges or Exhibit Area Only badges )
  2. Logo exposure on the conference materials
  3. Post-conference Media Release

Conference Bag Sponsor

CNY 100,000

The company LOGO is printed on the conference bag, and the quantity is more than 1000

Conference Book Sponsor

CNY 50,000

The quantity of notebooks and pens is 

more than 1000, the notebooks are 

made by the organizer and the pens are 

brought by the sponsor

Chair Cover Sponsor

CNY 30,000

Logo exposure on chair cover

Coffee Break Sponsor

CNY 30,000

The coffee break LOGO display at the 

designated forum

Mineral Water Sponsor

CNY 30,000

Logo exposure on the mineral water